Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Mom

This is the eulogy I would have said at mom's funeral - if I thought i could get through it.

I want to thank everyone who has us in their thoughts and prayers during this time and who are honoring us with their presence to celebrate our Mothers life.

Mom drove a rural route mail route for Canada post for 26 years. She was so proud of that - that little woman driving through wind, sleet, snow and hail to deliver mail. Don't let her small exterior fool you - or if you did - you only let it fool you once. She was a spit fire. She told you what she thought - didn't matter who you were.

There were two things you knew for sure when you went to visit Mom and Dad.

The first - you would eat. Mom was the best cook and baker I knew. (although she and Westley competed on the baking part - I think Mom won a time or two). When you dropped in you were sure to have pie, home made bread, cookies, brownies...the list goes on and on. If you happened to come by around supper you ate supper - if you called ahead - you got your favorite.
I think mom told us she loved us with her cooking.... she was highly insulted if you didn't eat.
Mom would feed them all - didn't matter the numbers - she thrived on the numbers :). She fed vegetarians...however there was never a complete guarantee that she didn't slip a piece of bacon in those beans...."Now that won't hurt!".
When mom wasn't feeling well before Christmas Dad told her that he would 'help' her to bake her pies. Mom sent dad to "town" for something or the other - when he got back Mom had 6 pies ready for the oven. He was not impressed - she did not care!
My Aunt Bea would come every summer and mom would cook up to when she got there in preparation. When Aunt Bea got there they would do canning and pickling. She enjoyed Aunt Bea's company and looked forward to it every year. She would always try to plan around it and make sure I was around and everyone was around.

I don t think it mattered who you were - she cooked for you. When my brother comes home from out west she starts cooking as soon as she hears the news - it doesn't matter if she finds out in May that he's coming in August - there is cooking to be done.

Of course there was tea or coffee to go with that cooking, and if you got her right you might get offered a beer.

The other thing you were guaranteed when visiting mom and dad was a story about one of her grandchildren or the other. Mom told the stories, dad kept her honest (when she let him).
She would tell you the goings on of the family - i'm sure that she added her own 'take' on the subject but swore it to be the gospel.....when she was working with Wanda - she'd say "ain't that right Wanda?" and Wanda would reply "Yep" - (weither it was or not i think)

She loved her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. She wouldn't hesitate to let you know that she had 7 children, 4 daughter-in-laws, 3 son-in-laws, 20 grandchildren, 11 grand children-in-law, 18 great grand children - she'd tell you that when we all got together there was over 50 of us (some absent due to distance). She'd tell you WE have twins on the way - she told me "we havent had twins yet! And *I* know what they are!" The parents were keeping it a secret from everyone - and if i was being perfectly honest - if they told her then EVERYONE would know - why? Cause she was sooo proud of her family.

Last Christmas she bought something for everyone of those kids and grandchildren - I dont know if she was able to get to the great grandchildren - but who the hell cares? This woman was 73 years old. That's incredible.

I'm going to miss my mom.

If you knew mom - tell me your memories of her in the comments.......


Queen Mel said...

I did not know her but she raised a really cool kid whose awesome.

NickyT said...

I wasn't lucky enough to know her.

But, have heard stories from her loving and proud daughter.

And those stories and the memories that made them are what is going to keep her forever close to you.

Dee said...

I didn't have the honor of meeting her either but I can see where you go your giving loving qualities Sue. Those memories are so wonderful to have and will be with you always.
God Bless

b.c. Gurl said...

I didn't know her, but I sure heard a lot about her! and she raised one great daughter, who btw, is a lot like her mom :) you have all of her great qualities. Hold on to your memories and document them to share with the girls and their children someday.

tabitha said...
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Anonymous said...

You always knew where you stood with Myrna!!! ALWAYS! When she she loved you ...she loved you fiercly, when she didn't.....everyone knew! One of my favorite moments was when I realized that I was lucky to be a part of the first catagory. She was telling me some story..and I know it was Gods honest truth..and when she was done she hit me so hard on the arm I flew off the end of the picnic table we were sitting at. (goes to that you could never underestimate her size) She looked at me and we both laughed..I knew she cared! I was also lucky enough to grace her with 3 great grand children ( Hey I upped the to be loved for that right?) You always knew you were welcome at Myrna & Elwyns...and you knew if it had been too long since you last visited. Easter breakfasts are one memory that Jordan talked about, she was so excited every year as were all the kids, but the girls always wanted to dress up and show Nan some beautiful dress (when they were younger the dresses were often made by her). Jordan also said that no matter when you went Nan always found a way to sneek her a candy or a cookie..or 10.
One other thing that made you know that shee loved you was when she would give you a recipe...I thought it was a mazing that she would give me one that was one of Murray Jr's favorites..but she always left something out. When I would calll she would ask..."Did you put "whatever" in?" and I would say it's not in the recipe and she would say ÖH" and tell me. I think the reason she did that was so that I would have to call her to find out what went wrong and she always fixed it for me.
A couple of years ago we held a fiesta type party to celebrate several anniversaries that year. Namely 55 for Myrna and Elwyn. Niki and I were told we were having it and are planning it and where and when it would be...I had the most amazing time planning and helping host this great party. Every time we showed her something else we found she thaouhgt it was a hoot!!! She even made Elwyn wear a sombrero to the party and she wore a grass skirt and lei. She was without a doubt the smatest, strongest, to the point...and LOVING grand parent I have ever known! And because she was so much about her return she was everything to them!!
We will will love you and miss you always!!!!

aSHLEY dAWN said...

Hey Sue, I didn't know you had a blog. My fav memory of her, is the last time we saw her. It was a year ago, unfortunately, but we took Kaige there and spent the whole day there and she loved it. I know this is a very sad time, but I think we should be celebrating her amazing life. She was a amazing woman, and before she left, she created a whole army of Crouses. There's a part of her in all of you, so you need to stick together for her. I'm sure you will :). Shawn, and I wish we could be there more than anything.

CindyP said...

Always remember the memories and I cant wait to see the scrapbook you create with your talented hands.

tabitha said...

nanny crouse was the one of the most amazing women i know not only did she raise her children but was always there helping with the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren,i will always remember everything she taught us especially how to take care of your family.
my mother her daughter does the same whom i cherish and one of the luckiest girls to have a mom that was raised so well to have raised us 4 kids to the people we are you mom and thank you nanny for having her.

for the ones that know Ms Martha Sue ,i wanted to take this time to let you know that this remarkable women is my hero she has been since i was little, i am one of her nieces of many and proud to call her my aunt as i am very proud to have been my grandmothers granddaughter...i love you

Sammysunshine said...

Sue, your mum was awesome. I will never forget her chocolates and stuff at Christmas time. Also, her Christmas parties when we were younger. Your mum was kind of brisk sometimes but, she was very real and that is very cool. She was straight to the point and people these days could learn from her. Your mum always spoke if she saw a person or always waved her wave when you passed her on the road. She sure will be missed. <3 <3 <3 Thinking of you, Wes and the kids at this time.

tabitha said...

Sara Lemieux January 22 at 12:52pm
Hi Tab,

I am so sorry that I was unable to stop by the funeral home at this time Tab. I just wanted to say how sorry I am. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with your Nanny Crouse, but I remember her the most when we were getting ready for your wedding, and when she would do the fitting for my dress. How she got ur grampy to put it on because I was the biggest LOL....anyway...again, I am so sorry and know that my thoughts are with you and yours at this time ok. If you need anything, be sure to let me know.