Friday, June 18, 2010

Ahhh Silence.....

Well it's finally Friday and my husband and kids are gone! Its just me and maybe a glass of wine if I can find it :)

Update on the homefront - went to fabulous DR today and we've got blood tests etc coming up for Ms. K - she's back to her usual self this week - thankfully - AND she's been a JOY  - i suspect its attention thing :)

Uploaded my pages at skrapnchat tonight - so i have them online somewhere.

Wanted to upload that one pic/layout that got me :)  Tell me what you think of the pic?


Kimmartha said...

Just saw the whole album before I came here - it is amazing. She would be soooooooo proud of you for doing this. This was the first page I looked at on SNC and my first reaction was "that is so SUE"!!! Seriously, you have the exact same expression. So glad you were able to do this project and let the healing begin.

xo K

Queen Mel said...

love it Sue....nice to see you getting back into the SB world again.......welcome!