Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scrapfest Day 2 (really Day 2 this time :) ) haha

Well OMG - what another great day! I'm having a wonderful time! 

So I went to the mall around 830am or so....

First off the owners of Unity Stamp Company - I know it's blurry - sorry - it's Angela and Christina - er I mean Christian..haha

Isnt she gorgeous??
So go check them out :  http://www.unitystampco/....

I didnt make alot of make-n-takes today - the lines were lonnnnng today (like 1plus hours for some)

First make-n-take of the day...

We R Memory Keepers - with their i-top (Cin - i now *know* how to use it :) and it's cool )  and the new irock - which I bought yesterday hehe - gotta love bling :)....I am loving my "i" things lately aren't I?? (my new i-boyfriend - aka iphone 3)

Itop and Irock

Defintely not a big project - but showed you how to use the tools!

Next Up - Bazzill!
Bazzill Make in take
This one is a 12 x 12 layout (duhh) using Bazzill product - it is probably something i'll use - kinda 'rushed' through it though :)

K so at 10am I had my class - Hocus Pocus Canvas Focus - put on by Pink Paislee and the Canvas was a good time!
Hocus Pocus Canvas Focus -Pink Paislee and Canvas Corp

This is made on a 12 x12 canvas which we spritzed with glimmer mist....layered paper on top, then the canvas banner, and other embellies!  Worth the $$ I would say!

Back to the make-n- takes folks!

The next one was GREAT! it makes such a huge difference when you have a great demonstrator!

This is Andrea (ok so I'm going to tell you guys - this pic is not a great one of her - she's beautiful)! She works for Bo-bunny - oh wait - maybe she's the owner...hehehehe :) 
Andrea - owner-wannabe of Bo Bunny :)
She was fun! and generous :)

A pin for my lanyard
And the *two* (shhh) cards I made :)

Bo Bunny

The next one is from ....oh crap - they are blending together......gonna have to look it up....

Front of recipe card

and the back

The cards come six to a sheet, all we had to do was fix ribbon, stickers and bling.  Not overly impressed - but I think maybe this was their first year??

Next up - American Crafts....this little item is a book.....

it's kinda cute....patterned paper on front/back, inside front/back, sticker on front and new techniques...just some product :) The guy (yes guy - there was ALOT of men working the booths - like if i honestly had to guess i woudl say it was 50/50 if not 60/40 for the hot men...just normal men..haha) gave us a ribbon roll (not really my style - but oh well I have a friend that loves all ribbon - hah)

OK so while we're waiting in line for American Crafts - we got this.....

"A dangerously sexy fragrance." out Wes!

Dark Kiss (sample size) lotion from Bath and Body works - their newest 'flavor'....(has vitamin e, jojoba & shea butter and smells good......B&BW says "daring and seductive, Signature collections newest Sexy scent is a tempting blend of black raspberry, mirabelle plum, amber, dark vanilla bean and sensual balsam"...Don't worry i didnt put it on.....I didnt want all those men 'pining' for me.....hahaha

OK sorry (that was for the non-scrappers who think i'm nuts about all the other stuff :) ).....

So at this point it's 2PM and i have a class by American Crafts - it's 5 -8x8 layouts with an 8x8 AC album - so just for the record - I knew going into this class that it wasnt my style - but thought it'd be interesting none the less... I get there at 5 mins to 2 and they have already started.....

This is fine - it's not that difficult right? So first page - wish i had the picture uploaded....but just picture this if you will....  it's 8x8 - it has two columns of 3 circles each on the right side....kinda like this:

|                   |
|           OO  |
|           OO  |
|           OO  |

Right off the bat - they tell us...."OHHH we dont have circle punches (nor did they ask us to bring one) so lets make these squares".....ummm OK (but i'm a RULE follower???) BUT I can do issue ......

Next page.......
so the page goes 2.5x8 top piece(cloud patterned paper) - on that piece there are two circles on it - making a cloud.....picture small circle/large circle kinda you dont have a circle punch?? and you didnt go and get one?? So i left the top part undone - i'm not going to cut a square...duh..... After that piece there is a border strip (dots)(cut with paper trimmer) then "scalloped" strip(blue), then the rest is red cardstock(5.5x8)........"OH btw folks we dont have the scalloped border punch so just cut it straight..." UM??  Once again lef that page undone -

Page 3 - includes a circle....and a scalloped 'edge' (and NO not something you can just 'make a square'...and not something you can 'just cut straight'.....

Page 4 - guess what? scalloped edge, circle......

Page 5 - scalloped edge, circle......

COME ON!! The only consolation was that i got an album out of it (and no i am NOT going back to check how much I paid for said album) haha

So to say i was disappointed would be an understatement - honestly - TELL us to bring a circle punch .... you go buy one and cut teh circles we need.....TELL us to bring scallop border punch ....I mean if i had of known i could have brought these and at least had something DONE! wasnt *that* terrible but defintely frustrating :)

Ok next item up.....a cute card....Do you recognize the paper?

If you guessed Cosmo would be right (OK i'm going to be honest with you....I wasnt 100% sure - hehe I had to go and double - check :)

No techniques - except curling the flower edges with a martha stewart thing-y that look slike a bone folder....but it's a cute card....Might just be able to use that little butterfly punch i bought (EVERYONE bought 5 years ago at the $$ store :) )

The last make - n - take I did (do you notice that i format that phrase (make n take) different almost every time???? sorry can't decide how i like it :) ) was this one - the paper is Basic Grey (the booth was technically Basic Grey / MyStik adhesive and we were on the adhesive side...)

it's another pin for my's really cute - its made with 'folded' flowers - maybe if i'm bored next week i'll show you how it was done - it is pretty cute :) and super easy!!

After this - my feet were dyin' - i know it doesnt seem it but the waits were longggg.....i would say i waited 40 minutes for the one above.....eek!!  I wanted to get into the Tattered Angels one but at 3:30 I tried to line up and was basically told that they were leaving at 5 and that they would 'stop' at 5.  So if you were in line for an hour and a half and it was your turn next - and it turned 5pm - then you were out of luck.....Well - just saying that if I was that person...I'd be P-O-ed so decided better not wait - I'm going to try to get it in tomorrow....see I love you guys.....cause that is one heck of a line.....haha dont be surprised if I dont have many tomorrow :)   (but i do have 3 classes !!! ) (OH and IMHO - they should just cut the line off at 3:30 and not 'let' anyone get in line - rather than have that customer with a real bad taste in their mouth after waiting that long - just my opinion :)

Sorry got side tracked there...So i headed back to my hotel at around 5 to pick up my scrapbook stuff (tools/pics) etc and headed back to the crop at the mall around 6........

Our sponsor was Reminince (sp?) and i'm going to just say - the company is not my style....but who cares right? it was fun! they had 'treat' bags - and pop/water and cupcakes! 
Did meet a somewhat famous guy - the "president of Archivers" .... I tried to corner him to demand a store in Canada or at the very least Maine....but he got away (sounds like my Gene Simmonds story...sheesh)....haha

We got door prizes from Reminince (sp?) as well as Archivers (
BUT you'll have to wait to 'see' my prizes until tomorrow :) )

Got in at around 1245 and NOW i'm headed to bed!! Another 'hoppin' day tomorrow!! woot! woot!

Talk to you soon!

PS - theres nothing like your buddies to scrap with either :)


Grant said...

Martha Sue,

Grant here from American Crafts. Sorry you had a frustrating experience in our album class. We intended to bring punches to the event, but it looks like there was a mix up in communication and so our instructor was trying to make lemonade from lemons. Send your mailing address to grantm(at) and I'll send you a little something to make up for the frustration.



Andrea said...

Hi Martha Sue,
It's Andrea from Bo Bunny. I am loving your blog and thoughts/pics from your Scrapfest experience. So fun all that you did. Hope you had a great time. It was so fun to meet you and talk with you for a minute. Hope to see you next year. :)

Anonymous said...

Good post, adding it to my blog now, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

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