Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scrapfest Day 2 - Crop prizes :)

I promised pics of my 'prizes' from the crop.....Did I mention that Reminisce (sp?) was the sponsor?  Not my first choice for sponsor....but ahhh well I had fun :)

Ok - so I dont want to offend anyone but their items are just not my if you LOVE Reminisce - I apologize ahead of time :)

So the crop was a 'crop around town' -archivers basically set up a few crops at each of their stores around the area as well as one or two in the mall.  Each had its own sponsors.... (I have *heard* that the other crops had make n takes as well as great door prizes......(from the sponsors)....we did NOT do M&T's .....or games or anything.....(well but crop - and I'm ok with that :)... I have heard.....reusable bags with sponsor logos, albums, Scor-pal....etc etc....

So hear goes.....From Reminisce -they gave us Four sticker sheets....and four sheets of paper.  There that was easy :)

the one on the left as you can see....and the one on the right....OH but the one on the right are 'raised' - like on pop dots............ First person to comment that they like these - they are yours :)

These were in a 'packet' - 'alphabet' stickers and 'elements' stickers - probably will use them as i plan on scrapbooking about this MN trip.....and they match the paper....and the paper isnt too bad....

So here are my papers....front and backs......I'll probably use them - I like the polka dots....

So that was it - OH I forgot the 'grand prize' it was a paper kit and huge sticker of Disney Castle as seen here......

Nasty thing to say but THANK goodness I didnt win :)

Anyhoo....Then Archivers gave out BAGS of goodies......The way they did it was call our numbers - then at the end after everyone had one (around 125 ppl i think) we could 'swap' out what we didnt like......

In my original bag I got :

This Little Yellow Bicycle 'journal tablet'.....a good friend of mine (who doesnt have very many baby girl items -HAHA) just had a baby I kept this one (on the left -quarter in there to show size).  On the left Stampendous spider stickers - thought they were cute...probably coulda traded them but thought ahhh well....they are cute :)

I also got this I Beleive stamp set!! woot woot! love it I do!! and on the right - oh darn
- I didn't get those stick pins at first....oh well - got the glitter and chalk ink pad!

OK so what I traded......
I  'won' Heidi Swapp 'feathers'.....ummm a peacock feather and offwhite feather..and some other types of was little pack of 'feathers'.....yes folks....feathers...and MAYBE (oh probably) these are coming into style...but I highly doubted that I would EVER use them....ick!

I won these frames for your scrapbook pages for pictures....wood ones.....with scrolls and such...OH i made them sort of sound nice....they were NOT......

Then i got this pack of paper....well the can I say this..... Well some of you know I had a store about 9 years ago......I think I sold the paper from this line back then...I'm serious. So in my head i'm like...SHIT - I'm goign to be luggin this back home....there is NO way that anyone is going to want this.... I honestly dont recall the name of the line of paper - wish I did - but I dont. 

So the lady beside me says - "OHH that's nice" - I'm like "yes ... it's different".....she goes through it and oohs and ahhhhs ... so I'm thinking...welll I have a chance.....

So I take my feathers, my wood 'frames' and my Butt - ugly paper to swap.....and Swap I did!

There was a lady there with this Heidi Swapp /Tattered Angels Stamp set (umm can you see the little quarter??) and she wanted my paper pack....OH and she felt so bad that she was getting a better deal (?) that she gave me this little blow fish stamp and the pins from above pic........UM? OK then! I threw in the feathers and the frames :)

So all in all I think I did pretty good :) The HS stamp set is one that I was kinda eyeing but wasnt going to buy for myself...(have to justify them you know and just couldnt....) so it feels like a bit of a 'treat'!

So that was my prizes from the crop....what do you think? would you have been disappointed?  I really wasnt overall :) it was a fun time and in the end I got what I wanted :)

Hoping to get my Day 3 uploaded today or tomorrow :)


Auntie Em said...

I think you did pretty good! I would have been happy not dragging home the Disney pack as well but your TA stamps are awesome! Feathers always make me gag!!!
Looks like a pretty good haul! :o)
Can't wait to see your LOs!!!

Cathy W said...

I like them?

Sounds like you had a blast Sue, all that focused scrappy time, wow!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Yep having a blast Cathy double-u

they are yours :)