Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Acts of kindness....continues!

Well it's been a full week!!!

RAK#18 - Holding doors for people leaving and arriving at work - took a few 10-15 minute breaks to hold the doors open with a big smile welcoming them or bidding them a happy day!  So much fun!!

RAK#19 - Notes in the bathrooms at work :)

RAK#20 - I wrote a thank you note today - sounds strange - I know - but rather than sending an email, posting on Facebook I wrote a good old fashionned thank you note!!

RAK#21 -

Bought my daughter a medium French Vanilla instead of the usual small.
RAK#22 -
Gave my change to a homeless man
RAK#23 -
Caramilk bar left on a co-workers desk.

RAK#24 -

Made an art collage for a little girl I know

I will upload some pictures soon :)