Thursday, December 06, 2012

40 - Random Acts of Kindness

So as a start - i'll just say - just because I wasnt blogging doesnt mean I wasnt doing :)

I reached my 40 at 40 on 40 :)  I actually thought that I would get more done before then - but didn't. 

Ok on to my RAK's

RAK#25 – took Cookies to the Fredericton emergency Shelter

RAK#26 – took Cookies to work

RAK# 27 – Made a Pillow case for sick kids

RAK#28 – Wrote a letter to someone who makes a difference in my life

RAK#29 – I was kind to someone I dislike - (this may have been the hardest haha)

RAK#30 – Took my two friends out to dinner at a restaurant

RAK#31 – Gave someone a words of encouragement

RAK#32 – Gave someone my Michael’s coupon

RAK#33-34-35-36 –Handed out Scratch Tickets to random people

RAK#37 – Brought a dozen donuts to work to share

RAK#38 - Bought someone a drink :)

RAK#39 - Paid for the person behind me in the Tim's drive through
RAK#40 – Handwrote thank you cards for all attended my birthday party with words of encouragement, thanks and well wishes

  Well there you have it - I had so much fun doing this.  Not only fun but I have been so touched by everyone's response to this.  It has been AMAZING!!! I have gotten so much more from doing this than I ever expected to - I knew it would be positive and 'good' but I didnt know how good.   The best news story ever that could have come from this - upon hearing 'my story' (haha) one of my co-workers decided to implement a 'challenge' at work for everyone to do 'Random Acts of Kindess' for others as part of our "Live Well" Campaign!  This is so exciting - this means that my 40 just became two fold/three fold etc ! It's being passed on and I think that is one of the best.things.ever!  I mean all I wanted from this was to 'go into my forties' on a positive note and spread kindness.  I've caused a ripple effect and its one of the most important things I've done.   I hope you all go out and do something for someone else today.  xox  

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