Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our Dad

The eulogy I prepared and spoke at my dad's funeral on June 27 2013
Elwyn Harold Crouse
Born September 25 1932 Coldstream NB
Died June 24 2013 Fredericton NB

Today we celebrate the life of our father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin and friend. 

Dad and mom were married for 56 years when mom passed.  I know that dad missed her every single day since.  He looked after mom – well--- they looked after each other.  He did what she said and she did what he said.  We knew that if mom said ‘just wait til your father gets home’ we were in big trouble.  For me of course that trouble wasn’t all that big. 
Dad loved his 7 children their spouses, his 31 grandchildren and 26 great grand children.  He was proud of each of you.  Its funny over the past few days so many more people have told us how dad was like a father to them.  Many people respected this kind, kind man.

I think dad really enjoyed his 28 years working for the department of transportation.  He and mom were hard workers and taught all of their children the same.  Being the supervisor of the roads, he would constantly be telling the young ones how to drive and what speed to drive.  Asking us trick questions like what is the speed limit when it’s snowing outside?  I know he was deeply affected by anything that happened on ‘his’ roads.  

Dad and mom had many camping trips always dragging along a grandchild or two or three.  I know that Ryan and Jenny have wonderful memories of a trip across Canada to see mike with them.   

In dad’s retirement (and probably even before that) Dad could be counted on to ‘supervise’ any project (that is if mom wasn’t already supervising) .  he always asked everyone about any job they were working on.  I know that many people came to dad for advice or his seal of approval.  When you came to him you knew you’ would find a ready ear.  You might not get the answer you wanted but you knew he would listen.
Dad also took up golf in his retirement.  When he didn’t make it to the golf course you could find him shooting golf balls in the field beside their home for Myjo to fetch.  I believe there was an incident with a car and a golf ball – but we wont talk about that here.
Dad loved hunting and fishing.  Almost as much as going and doing these things he enjoyed hearing or telling the stories of the catch or of the great hunt.  They say that when women get together –there's lots of drama – I think there is more drama in the annual moose hunt weekend.  Those were his favorite.

Dad always enjoyed a game of crib.    if we beat him he’d always have to have another hand-skunked or not.  I always teased him and told him he made up the rules as he went along.
I would describe dad as an old fashioned person.  He liked his meals at 8/12 and 5 and preferably cooked by a woman -- that was until I had to cook for him. 

Dad was born at home with no running water nor indoor plumbing.  In his late seventies he took up solitaire on the computer, and even had a facebook account.  He would always let Kailie know that it was his turn for the computer.

Anything he was wondering about he would ask someone to ‘google’ that for him.   He was amazed at how much "Mr. google" knew.

Dad loved his family and looked forward to their visits.  If you dropped by, dad always had a big smile for you showing those dimples.  He didn’t mind the commotion – he was happiest with it than without it.  If you missed a visit or hadn’t come in a few weeks he’d growl you then move on.

We take comfort in knowing that he is now with his parents, our mom, our sister bonnie and his brothers Winston and Larry amongst many others that went before him. 

In closing I will tell you the same last words that dad heard before he passed-  He was and always will be the greatest man we ever knew.

Rest in peace dad.  I love you. xox

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Diana said...

huge hugs to you and yours. they both will be very proud looking down upon you knowing what a wonderful soul you turned out to be. <3