Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Blogger.......

Hi all,

I'm definetly been missing in action over the past few weeks.

It's a couple of things - basically work and missing my family so freaking much it isn't even funny.

It's been so boring and such a low when they left its not even funny! I'm doing this for the right reasons...right? Of course - I've been over this 1000 times...there is really no turning back at this point and we will be further ahead because of's the journey that's all!
I may just be paranoid but I feel like I'm judged everyday for this decision. (if you are one of them - walk a mile please...LOL)

Things have not really turned out the way I thought they would...but not in all bad ways....

I have read the book "the secret" and I have to tell you a bout a couple of things that happened this weekend.

One - i told Jeanette and Anita that we would see 5 deer this weekend. Um 1 + 4 deer are what we saw....weird.

Two I told Jeanette and Anita that we would see whales on my return trip to Vancouver and YUP whales...not sure how the pics turned out but damnit there were whales!!

Speaking of Victoria -that was the highlight of my week - J came over to Vancouver and stayed Thursday night with me - we had AMAZING thai food and then I worked from home friday and she toured Vancouver - then we took city transit to the ferry and went back to Victoria for a visit with Anita!

We had a ball!! Kayin talked my ear off!!! We went to two scrapbook stores - went to Butchart Gardens and various other locations. We had a fantastic time...once again had to say goodbye and once again that was a teary-eyed occasion!!

I'm going to post my pics on facebook...I find it so much easier than here......

Have a great week everyone!


prittykitty said...

I am sure the Divas wouldn't mind me taking the liberty of saying the folowing:

Just know that WE ALL LOVE YOU! And we support you in whatever endeavour you undertake ... and if you need a hand anytime ... we are here.

Ok ... that's enough mush from this corner.

taycreekcropper said...

Hey Sue, what your doing is really tough and I don't know if I would have agreed to it, only because I'm a big chicken. Kudo's to you for doing this and kudo's to Wes for backing you 100% cuz if you didn't have a hubby like him you couldn't do this and your girls, well their at an age that is tender but dammit give them time and they'll realize why you did this - for them!!!

Your a mom and we beat ourselves up over EVERYTHING cuz we don't have a sweet clue right from wrong but Sue I gotta say - your doing RIGHT, you are, you really are and I'm sorry its sucking right now but your almost done and it will be WORTH it, it will.

Hold on tight girl. We are all here waiting for you, the minute you give us the go ahead to see you, we'll be there.

Remember the Bon Jovi song "I'll be There for you" - thats us baby, thats us......

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

I haven't checked this blog forever.....then come on and see this. Wish I would of read it a week ago when it was written.

Tell us who is doubting this decision of yours...I'll go kick their A$$. I might not get far but I'll bring Mel with me.

This weekend Susicilicous....4 more sleeps now :)