Saturday, June 02, 2007

May post....two days late

or is it three days late....

so as usual i'm so caught up in work and keeping in touch with my family I have ignored my "audience"!

Work has been very frustrating - a whole lot of two steps forward and three steps back and we "go live" July 1 - so we are down to the wire! My expected date to come home is June 8 which is still true - however there is a return date - now - i'm not sure what that is - I think it's the 12th - but will know more later today or monday.

I didn't really blog about the girls coming here (and wes of course) - they/we had a fantastic time - it was soo good for them (the girls) they saw many many things that they would not see everyday in Fredericton - they encountered many many homeless people begging for money - and being very "in your face" about it.

We encountered one young boy (we think he was a boy but coudl have been a girl) who was sobbing and crying - with a cup of course for "donations" cause he/she was "hungry" - Tara was really 'moved' by this and had lots of questions - it was tough - cause you don't want to 'harden' them but you odn't want them to be a big mush (like their mother).

On a better note - they also got to go to the Vancouver Aquarium - which they totally loved - Tara especially - well I say that and Kailie is the one who (at that time decided she wanted to be the whale instructor - can't think of the title now) of course now Tara is the one - and I told her that she needs to start 'planning' for that if that's what she wants - so we will do that when I get home (start looking at how we can develop that interest more)

The thing the girls did the most was WALK walk walk and they were tired of that pretty quickly - we used the skytrain (where we encountered a man who informed us that we were not very intelligent -and went on to rant - "oxygen people" "carbon dioxide" we breathe in Oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide people!!" We got a kick out of it actually) On Sudnay I asked them if they wanted to go to Granville Island - they had two questions - What is there - answer was "food" "shopping" - Do we have to walk? - answer - yes of course for a little - their response - NOPE - can we go swimming at your apartment? SURE THING!!

We went to Science World (think Science East x 100) it was really fun - all of us had a great time1!!

it was so tough to see them leave - and i tried hiding it - and really broke down when they got in the taxi - and tara looked up and told her father that she thought "Mom was crying" which of course he knew- and that made her sad -

Next trip for me was Vancouver Island - well to back up - Jay came to visit me on a Thurs night and I went to VI with her on Friday - I had so much fun -not even kidding - I swear it was what got me through to May 11 - Of course we stayed with Anita - as you all know I *love* to talk and Kayin made sure that any breaks in convo were filled - what a sweet little guy he is! Emma slowly warmed up - but Kayin and I hit it off like old friends. Btw Jay - did you get my sbook page done yet??

we went to Butchart Gardens - which was fantastic - such gorgeious photos we took - it was such a nice day - went for dinner and then just relaxed - on Sunday we went for a drive around Victoria - seeing castles and government house - then to the water to have fish and chips and feed the 'seal' - and of course follow that up with ice cream (my buddy Kayin wanted an ice cream float - and Momma (anita) said no - you know - just too much - you won't eat it(and therefore a waste of $ - Of course I totally agree with her - BUT she's the momma and well I was the visitor and therefore had special visitor status and therefore - had to get it for him - what is a better ending to lunch than a huge ice cream float that you didn't *have* to drink all of if you didn't want to and no one was going to be "mad" at you (not that Anita would be mad - but you get what I mean) only of course AFTER he ate his lunch - which of course - he did - and Emma had a huge chocolate milkshake - I mean we can't leave her out - so we all had our ice cream treats - Kayin drank EVERY bit of his float - unbeleiveable!! I mean I had a hard time with mine - LOL.
Then we were off to the ferry terminal - and bck to Vancouver - on the way (on the ferry) I saw whales - which was totally cool - they were pretty far away but I still could see them!

Out of both the weekends (easter with family and VI with friends) - and of all the fun stuff we did the best was just being with my family and friends - just being with - that's it - of course when I went to leave Anita and Jeanette and teh kids I didn't expect to cray - but I did - it was so emotional.

So now I got to come home on May 11 - I took a cab to wes work at noon (he thought he was picking me up at 5pm) - he was really surprised and happy to see me - I went to visit my mom and dad and then back home for a rest til the girls got home.

Tara got home first and was really surprsed ("What the heck?") but happy to see me - and Kailie knew I was coming at that time - so she was excited too - we had her birthday party on Saturday at Kingswood - which she loved -
spent a couple of hours visiting but the rest of the weekend was pretty low key.

Of course I had to work from home from Monday to Friday so I was super busy with that - and Tuesday was Kailie's birthday - we went to Swiss Chalet for dinner - her choice - and then to a Music concert at Tara's school (she's in hand chime choir) - she did very well .

We took Tara for a hair cut - and the hairdresser *understood* teens and did a fantastic job cutting her hair how she wanted - so now tara wants a $200 flat iron - nice. Anyhow one of the student teachers at school uses an Avon one - so she wants to try that out first cause she thinks it will work - I told her she had to save for half of it - which she has now done and I will pay for half - we shall see - but I made sure that there was a money back guarantee - cause I do NOT want to spend 50 on this one and then have to buy the 200 one anyhow - ugh! (I think i cna get the salon one on ebay for 80.00 - so that is much better)

So back to Vancouver on Victoria day - and am now on the home stretch - I hope that I don't have to come back - but it's not looking good.

Soft ball has started and I'm ready for it and I'm not there - boo hoo - (i'm sure the team is suffering and that is why they lost the other night)

It feels to me like time is standing still - just so you knwo I think that Christmas was two weeks ago and that winter is still here - it's a very weird feeling - that life has continued....
I cant wait to get home - get my house straightened out (not that wes has messed it - but that FRIDGE!!) get my scrapbook room organized - i'm talking i have christmas stuff to put away - not to mention my guy "cricut" to play with-.

I'll be home soon and all will be back to normal.....I can not wait!

I have learned so much about myself - once again - which is kind of a dumb thing to say - really why do we NOT learn stuff about ourselves unless we are put in scrazy situations?? oh well! C'est la vie!

Have a great saturday all hopefully I wont wait until July to post again1!


Kimmartha said...

So good to hear from you!! I couldn't imagine doing what you are doing - I certainly am not strong enough. When you get home - you and the family will have such a great time!! Hopefully you won't have to go back - although I can't IMAGINE how the staff out there will survive without you - hahaha!!

knorrartz said...

You have brought tears to my eyes now Susan! I feel for you out there. Know that there are many back here thinking about you but that you did something GREAT by helping others there. Hopefully you won't have to head back out but if you do still think of it as being there for others who really DO NEED YOU! Sounds like you did have some fun (LOTS OF) with family and friends while out there. I haven't saw any of Jeanette's pics. yet but am planning on asking to see them soon! On the flat iron note-remember that I can get Maritime Beauty items through mom! I just posted Jeanette that yesterday for her curls iron.

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Great to see a post from you. You are not far from any of our thoughts or praises. This long road is getting close to the end of this part of the lifes journey.


taycreekcropper said...

on numerous occassions your name pops up with all of us, wouldn't Susan love this or that, this would be fun with Susan....we are always thinking about you and soon you will be doing those things with us....hang on girl your in the homestretch and we can't wait to see you (from an arms length away that is) for me at least :)

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