Wednesday, September 09, 2009

So....aren't many deets here are there???

so I'm leaving Sept 14 going to Minneapolis - flying to Montreal on Sept 18 - meeting Wes (who is driving with my sister) - driving on to a Wedding in Deep River, Ontario - Attending wedding on Sept 19, driving back to Montreal on Sunday - going to Minneapolis on Sept 21 - then back home on October 2 - phewf -

Hence why i couldnt push the crop out either - i didnt want to have to dump the whole thing on someone else :( I found out the crop for the cure was the same weekend - after the hall was booked etc - and then knew something was coming up with travel etc - i was stuck between a rock and a hardplace - and quite honestly wasnt at liberty to let everyone know what was going on at that point (travel - as it wasnt confirmed).....

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prittykitty said...

How goes the trip to MN?