Saturday, January 02, 2010

Word of the Year 2010

What a fabulous idea....I've thought of a few words - but this one keeps coming back to me....

1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful.
2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

I would like to THRIVE at work. I have a huge challenge ahead of me at work - i'm working mainly from home now - which has been a much larger challenge than I thought it would be. I dont really do things i'm not suppose to - but i dont get out as much as I should-want to and find it very difficult not having someone or a variety of ppl to talk to each day. As well in terms of the work itself - I'm taking over for someone that has been there for 40 years - HUGE!!!

I would like to THRIVE in my home life with my husband - we are going through some tough times together - and I want to get through it with him :)

I would like to THRIVE with my parenting skills. Like everyone (at least those that are telling the truth) I need more patience and understanding sometimes with my kids. These teen years are driving me insane by times :) and i'm not handling that very well either......

I would like to THRIVE on my journey to live more healthily. Same old Same old - eat better, exercise more :)

I would like my friendships/relationships to also Thrive this year. I want to spend more time nurturing my friends - wow that sounds 'gay' (as the teen would say - ahah)

I would like my crafting to THRIVE this year - spend more time crafting this year - and maybe make some money off of it (OK this is a big one - but i'll let you know if it happens. HA.

Second picture - Afghan made by mom for the girls (one each) and to quote my mom "something for them to remember me by"

THRIVE THRIVE THRIVE - scrapbook page to follow.


Kimmartha said...

That is an awesome word. Anytime you want to "thrive" with a Tim's, just say the word - haha!! Hope to get together with you soon - take care!

{hugs} K

prittykitty said...

Working from home is very hard Sue. I can totally empathize. It makes getting out and seeing people VERY important. Or you could go batty. Been there!

cphillips said...

you can "thrive" with me anytime....and we can "thrive" scrapbooking......I will leave the "thrive" with your husband up to but I can give a few tips for you to "thrive" with your girls.........not that I was a good parent but we all try our best.......miss you girl!