Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scrapfest Day 3!!! Woot Woot!!

First off - I'd like to Thank Grant at American Crafts for commenting on my blog - you *obviously* are a true professional.

OK Day 3 - Well folks - you know that I LOVE you or you shoudl know because at 10:22am I was in the line at the Tattered Angels booth waiting for the make-n-take to start at 11.  I knew that I had three classes that day and would not get many make-n-take's in but wanted to have a really FAB one to show you ladies......I left the booth at 11:45am.....yes that is 1 HOUR AND 23 MINUTES JUST FOR YOU!

Now the way that the booths were set up there was one facing one way then the next facing the other way…so when waiting in line for one booth – you were (most of the time) standing at the ‘back’ of the other company’s booth. So while I’m waiting for TA make-n-take the booth on the other side is Cosmo Cricket – (note to Cosmo Cricket – GREAT idea advertising on the back of your booth – got to take some great pics of ideas – and they wrote little handwritten notes on their ‘boards’ – it was neat)!!

This is one of the pics I took –One of the Celebs of the day: Julie Comstock – ummm isn’t she the cutest??? Have you seen their Pixie-licious line? I believe (hope I get this right) that her husband designed the pixie – ummm do you see the resemblance? She was really cute ...(but didn’t write ‘We Love Canada’ when she was asked hahaha JK)

Tattered angels had a ‘mini’ project to show you *HOW* to use the mist so as not to get globs etc….*tap* *tap* *swirl* *swirl* *swoooooosh* (note that *swooooosh* is not *squirt* *squirt* but *swoooooosh* right to left...or left to right....you getting’ me?? (*swirl* *swirl* may need to be repeated several times).

At this part of the line we made ‘angels’ for our lanyards….

Here is the demonstrator aka TA expert – Note her hands ...wow that is one GIANT bottle of glimmer mist on the left hand side :)

OK and the M&T – this is all the pieces assembled (I believe the products were the Heidi swap line)  LOVE the crepe paper - and the felty feel of the 'forever and ever'....(btw you punch holes in the top and put black tulle in them and hang this up....

Cool thing - we sprayed different colors -   the fall colors that they have out - all over (well we didnt spray we *swooooshed*)  then took the 'charcoal' color (i think that was the color anyhow) and sprayed that on top of them all - then brayered the colors - it was gorgeous (and now i have a 'use' for my brayer :)  )

And individually.

OK so at 1145 I have to rush to get to the class I am signed up for…..Northwood Stamps…..

The instructor for the class was just lovely I have to tell ya! We made three cards – they had done a lot of the prep work and so we only got to stamp one phrase – but colored and assembled our pieces (OH cut the pumpkin too).

I think they are pretty cute  - it was really relaxing and I sat beside I really nice lady too. (Did I mention I talk freely to strangers??)
And the ‘treat’ bag they gave us!  (three little stamps, an ink pad, stickles and a bunch of other stuff J )  Woot! Woot!

Grabbed a coffee and sat for the Our Craft Lounge Copic marker class at 3pm –

Our instructor – having a little break before we start – Lori Craig
– She is the advertising account manager for Splitcoaststampers (OK I didn’t know this before I took the class folks – I just knew she was part of the Splitcoast team because of her email address – which she was kind enough to give to help pick copics out J)….she’s also a Copic Certified Instructor (ummm does Copic Certification classes!!!!!)  OK so if you haven’t checked out splitcoaststampers.com before – you are missing out BIG! They have hundreds of ideas – for cards, scrapbook pages etc….. 

So yummy copics (hers not ours) J

And our project – some tags – now the class itself wasn’t meant to really teach us any Copic techniques - I colored in just like I normally do – but we got some invaluable tips like….

• Most ppl buy too dark of a color when buying their copics (ME!) – go lighter to allow for layering

• When you make a mistake (go outside the lines) don’t use the blender pen like an eraser…rather use it as a pusher…you want to ‘push’ the ink back into the lines

• A very mini class on ‘coloring’ and blending very cool!

....in this class we made two tags and a treat holder – mine are not assembled – it wouldn’t have travelled well!

Besides the mini bottle of glossy accents and chunky glitter they gave us this stamp set :)
  OK so i dont know how to change my flipping font back - so apologize for the change in font!

After the copic class – I grabbed a bite to eat…. And was off to my Bazzill 5x7 album class – (at 4pm ) Unfortunately in this class you only partly assembled the pages – no embellishments were added to the pages – you got them to take home with you to put together – they provided instruction sheets. It was a very fast class – I didn’t really have a problem with it – but I imagine others did!

We got out of there at 445pm - WOWsers!  The day had flown by! By this time I was beat! i went to the store for afew minutes and then back to my hotel for some *relaxation*!!

This is my lanyard.....btw

What a fantastic weekend!! I hated getting up this morning :) I need a few days for rest haha!!
I had an amazing time! My feet were sore - I was tired....but I had a huge grin on my face :)
(Oh and guess where I went today after work? Archivers! hehe)

Thanks for following along :)  I love hearing all of your comments !!! (btw - if you are just starting reading this one there are others :) - just click 'older posts' near the bottom!)



lesly said...

Wow! Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your Scrapfest experience with us all :) It is definitely on my to do list now! I just wanted to give you a heads up about Copic markers. They sell them at Endeavours downtown for about $5.50 a piece. They have EVERY color!! SO FUN!!

Auntie Em said...

Wow, what a weekend!!! It would be worth being tired for all that much fun! Thanks for sharing all your experiences and tips. :o)

Neisey said...

Loved your Scrapfest re-caps! Glad you had so much fun!

CPhillips said...

you just need to come home now and teach us everything and with that same smile........glad to see you had a wonderful time.

"The real" MarthaSue said...

lesly - they are also going to sell them on line too! and quoting luke "we're aiming to have the best price around"!!

lesly said...

That's great! When I talked to him in the summer they were still working on the website. Hopefully they will give some techniques too. I checked out the Copic prices when I was in Ontario and the scrapbook stores there were selling them for between 7 and 9 bucks so he already has them beat by a mile! They are a lot of fun to play with. I hope you will share your techniques at our next crop - I will bring my copics! :)

Queen Mel said...

Wow! I cannot wait to see everything you've done and thanks Les for letting us know Endevours has copic......oh my!