Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scrapfest Follow up.... American Crafts...

Hi everyone! Been pretty slim on the blog posts lately havent I?

These weeks have been so hectic – went on a fabulous shopping trip on Thanksgiving weekend and honestly feel like I’ve been running since Scrapfest!

This week has been a particularly challenging one at work as well! Today was one of *those* days too – to put you in my frame of mind…..My eldest daughter wants a new cell phone which I would have to ‘sign’ for (a complete different post-ha!) but right now she has a loaner and needs to send her broken one back by PUROLATOR. There are instructions on exactly what she has to do (pack up box, fill out way bill –which i have already done, and call them for pick up)…

I wont budge on it – and last night we had a conversation about it…how she had to call for picket up etc…. I noticed this morning the box wasn’t packed up….. no big deal to me right…she needs to ‘do it’ else no new phone!

So today when my doorbell rang and I saw the truck outside – I thought GREAT! I’m not expecting anything so she must have called last night….so i’m grumbling……not impressed…….so I open the door…….

Well lo and behold……he wasnt picking up….he was DROPPING OFF!!

A package….a package for me……from American Crafts…..

For those of you following – if you recall I was really disappointed with the class I took from them…..see this post:

So Grant from American Crafts apologized(via comments), explained the situation – there was a mixup/delay in their materials – and promised to send me ‘a little something' to ease my frustration….. I have no experience in receiving this type of item…. so wasn’t really sure what to expect…… right? could range from a couple sheets of paper to a pack of Thickers (yum!)


In my package I received…from the Dear Lizzy Enchanted line:

2 stamp sets

1 note cards (pk of 36)

3 sticker sheets

1 sheet of rubons

1 dimentional sticker sheets

1 package of brads (fabric covered)

5(five!) packs of thickers

36 sheets of paper

and a nice touch….a circle punch *wink*

(apologize ahead of time for the crappy photos)

Look at this!!!!

Close up of my stamps and the note cards!

Close up of rubons, stickers…


Thickers…my fave!

Dimensional stickers – really cute!

To say that they eased my frustration “would be an understatement”……(i do believe i used the same phrase in my original post) They totally ROCKED MY WORLD TODAY!

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much American Crafts-you really out did yourself!

What a great company!! Thanks for the absolutely positively amazing follow up customer service……Guys/Gals- this was totally unsolicited by me – *they* found my blog (no I didnt give it to them) and they *chose* to comment and *they* offered to make it right – and they SUCCEEDED big time! Stellar!

I am so utterly impressed! Can you tell?



Just Jess said...

nice to hear they made it right :)

i love seriously love their stuff!

Kimmartha said...

This is amazing!!!! Obviously this company knows the customer is the most important thing and they are waaaaaaaaay more than willing to make sure their customers are happy!! I love their product - and now I will be even more likely to purchase their stuff!

PS - love the circle punch!

Norah trecartin said...

WOW!!! Love great customer service!! it is so badly lacking in the majority of cases. AC have outdone themselves and we all understand that not everyday goes the way you planned, that goes for companys as well as people so it is nice to see when anyone steps up to the plate and makes it right!!

Nicole said...

Just Fantastic! I to am a huge fan of AC (How can a scrapper not be?) but when you hear tell of companies who know what customer service is and practice it in away that they do, it puts a consumer behind them and their products all that more.

Kudo's to American Crafts!!!

prittykitty said...

I covet those brads!!!

CPhillips said...

WOW I am impressed. Make sure you let them know whatgreat custmer service they have...... this is a non customer service world and for them to be so great........we should all make sure we are supporting American Crafts now.....all because of you!

CPhillips said...

Di they ever pick up her cell phone???????

ATypicalTeenager said...

Love it!