Sunday, February 05, 2012

Things happen for a reason....t

On friday February 3, Jaden Arbeau Savage went to be with Jesus...Jaden was just shy of 15 months old. When jaden was born he was given around 6 months to live... He was born with some challenges- to say the least. The little guy was a fighter though-his parents had an extra 9 months with him. I can not imagine what their daily struggles were like-and I know they had many trips to the IWK and locally to their doctor. His parents are young but they rose to the challenge and did the best they could. They loved their little guy. Of course his grandparents loved him- and every one that knew him was touched by him. They never gave up hope that he would get better-not just in this situation- but prior to this too- when the dr gave the diagnosis. When babies die, everyone asks "why?" and feel so hopeless-and helpless when you are looking in and trying to give support to something you don't understand. I still don't know the answer to that one, maybe someday. I did not know Jaden well- I should have - he was my nephew- but sometimes these things happen-(ugh if only I didn't have to work I could spend time w every single friend and relative I have - wonder how I could get paid doing that?? Anyhow... This post is not about that- yes if I could turn back time....but I cannot- and I am trying really hard to live in the present..... I learned something last week....really a life lesson....that I feel helped me to help those I love, and myself through a really tough time. Last week I was on my iPad and all of a sudden decided I wanted to buy a book- not any book- but the book "heaven is for real"-I had a coupon code and the book cost me around $4- a bonus!! I bought it that night(around 10 pm) and read the whole thing by midnight- I don't think it has a lot of pages- (haha I cannot tell on kobo haha) Anyhow I really had an "AHA" moment that night. I believe and have always believed in Jesus and heaven- but I can honestly say that until I read that- I had doubts/questions. Now I know FOR SURE that there is a heaven!! I really believe. I know. So when I heard that Jaden was not well....and his grandmother(my mother in law) asked me to go in- I knew without a doubt I could do it. We got the call on Friday around noon and we went to the hospital to visit with him before he "got" to go. We all held him and whispered I love you's and I'm gonna miss you's. We all took turns with the exception of his momma. After everyone had taken their turn(they had removed his breathing tube around 430pm or so) his mother took him and he died in her arms at 630pm. I felt so sad for the parents, grandparents and family, but I was so relieved for Jaden, and peaceful that I knew that that sweet baby would soon go and meet Jesus, he would run and play and have tiny little wings. I know that baby is in a better place and that he doesn't have to have assistance breathing, no tubes, no mess, no seizures! For all of this I am so thankful for whatever willed me to buy that book and read it. Things happen for a reason. Rest in peace little guy! Enjoy all the experiences you will! Look after your momma and your daddy, your nanna and poppa-and ayslin. They loved you so much and we love you too- someday we will meet again! Xoxo

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Kimmartha said...

You are incredible Sue. I am so blessed to have a friend like you in my life. <3